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About Us

 The Kitchen Co-op located in Amityville, Long Island  provides a 1400 square foot commercial kitchen for rent for food entrepreneurs. The facility, which is explained in detail on our kitchen page, offers food businesses a place they can call home.

The Kitchen Co-op's main mission is to cultivate food entrepreneurs as they formulate and grow their businesses by providing affordable commercial kitchen's for rent.  Our Incubator Kitchen is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is rented by the shift (4 Hours) and reserved on a scheduling system that's first come first served. Approved users can make reservations up to three months in advance for the space and equipment they will need. 

At the Kitchen Co-op you will be provided with the much needed storage space that is required by The Department of Agriculture and Markets for your 20-c certification. We also set up your 20-c certification inspection for you.





 An Incubator Kitchen
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