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Our Kitchens

 Our kitchen has four available kitchen areas with the following equipment:

* 2 Microwaves

* Convection Ovens: 3 natural gas and 3 electric oven

* 6-Burner Viking stove with convection oven and 24 inch grill

* Mixer:  20 quart, 5 quart, 7 quart.

* Stainless steel worktables 

* 3 compartment sink

* Stainless steel shelves

* Coffee machine

* Speed racks

* Sheet Pans

* Mobile stainless steel worktables

* Food processor, blender

* Small wares

* Dough Sheeter

* Walk In Box Refigeration

Dry and Refrigerated Storage:

Storage is available for monthly or overnight rental. Rates vary depending on the amount of space that's rented


 An Incubator Kitchen
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